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Awakening Way of Wealth

(Being of Benefit and Re-Investing Wealth)

Being Mindful:

Avoiding Harm, Doing the Right Thing

Creating Value:

Applying Compassion and Wisdom

to Ourselves and the World

Realizing Wealth:  

Experiencing  Joy and Freedom NOW


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  1. Scott Lanterman says:

    Excellent blog topic. I am looking forward to your investigation on money matters and its powerful resonance in our lives and how can we integrate bringing the discipline of mindfulness to ease financial worry and stress.

    If we fall below a certain threshold of financial stability suffering can become intense, awareness of the threshold in our own lives and others is important. Far beyond the threshold I seem to have an instinct that financial freedom would have Nirvana like qualities… but that is known to have troubles as well.

    Best wishes in your pursuit of sharing and organizing this collective desire to understand and reduce suffering with regards to our financial life.

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