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My Story…

I have been a meditation practitioner for decades and have found that suffering in my life and those around me seems to be most frequently about money and money problems.

The details about our money are almost taboo and usually not talked about in spiritual circles.

I have tried to avoid money in the past and figured it would all just work out. I have found that money is like any aspect of life; it is subject to the laws of karma and cause and effect.

 Ignorance of how money works in our life and in the lives of others does not equal bliss. Before applying mindfulness to my money, I had a negative net worth and almost constant financial struggles. After applying mindfulness and enlightened financial principles to my life, I now have a positive net worth and growing wealth and find more joy then pain in working with money.

By directly looking at our hopes and fears, our suffering and dreams, and our intentions and actions about money,  we can awaken a greater sense of richness and aliveness. By mindfully looking at what we do and don’t do with money, we can make more skillful and conscious choices that will build wealth for ourselves and others, 

 Integrating mindfulness into our life and to our money is a process and incredibly valuable. I continue to make mistakes along the way, learn and grow. I hope that this website, blog and podcast helps you on your journey to realizing wealth, wisdom and happiness free from suffering.

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